Finding Nita

Dec 22, 2018

Since young, Jona longs for her mother Nita’s care and attention. Jona tries to understand that Nita has no time for her and her siblings due to her work as a vendor in Manila. Little did Jona know, Nita is becoming addicted to gambling at the same time. Because of this, their family relationship gets ruined. Jona (19) becomes rebellious, and she runs away with her boyfriend, Ruben (21) to escape from her family’s endeavors. Building her own family, she promises that she will take care of her children well. But even though Jona (30’s) has her own family now, she still cares for Nita (50’s) and she would allot time to be with her mother. It came to a point that Nita had to live with her brothers in Fairview, which is how Jona got separated from her mother. Unbeknownst to Jona, Nita’s addiction to gambling and drugs has resurfaced. Until Nita goes back to Manila and continues working as a vendor. But just when Jona feels that their life would be more peaceful and quiet, her father Fred (60’s) unfortunately dies from stroke. Because of this, Nita suffers from depression and loneliness. Jona tries to cheer her mother up despite dealing with financial problems. But as time passes by, Jona sees Nita’s behavioral changes - being forgetful, and losing sense of direction. Jona thinks that these are the usual signs of aging. But she finds out that her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Even though Jona resents her mother, she does everything to take care of Nita. Until one time just before Christmas, Nita gets lost. Jona and her brothers do everything to find their mother. Fortunately, Nita is found and sheltered by a good Samaritan, Josephine, who happens to have a mother who died from Alzheimer’s disease. Through Josephine, Jona is able to see her mother after more than 2 weeks of being lost. Despite facing the truth of having a mother with Alzheimer’s disease, Jona could not be more thankful as her search for the ill Nita has taught her how her mother connects their family together.



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