Gitara (Tara)

Dec 19, 2009

To her family, Tara was a shy, quiet type of person who likes being on a corner, reading books. She was also a talented bassist, doing gigs in and out of Manila together with her band, which made her go out a lot. Tara also dreamt of working in the United Nation and be a servant for change, but all her dreams and talents was put to waste when she was shot in the head by a hold upper. She was comatose when her family realized how many people their daughter touched. They were overwhelmed with the big number of visitors lined up outside Tara’s ICU room that they started to ask them about their daughter—the beginning of knowing the other side of Tara. Three-weeks after the incident, Tara awaken, and alongside her family and friends, she tried to fight for her life. But on July 27, 2009, Tara’s ordeal ended when she died of cardiac arrest, but to people who love her, Tara’s death is just the beginning of the change she wanted to do.


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