Ilog (Taong Bangus)

Apr 13, 2013

Rowena dreams of having a complete and loving family, but all of that is broken when her husband Renato leaves her for another woman. With their two children in her custody, Rowena lives a difficult life until her cousin, Alex, appears in their lives. At first, Alex is just a caring and helpful cousin. But one day, Rowena and Alex find themselves falling in love with each another. Rowena tries to avoid Alex but she fails, and instead agrees to have a relationship with him. All is well until Rowena gets pregnant with their first child and cannot keep their relationship a secret anymore. Because the society sees their relationship as a mortal sin, Rowena and Alex receive criticisms and hear hurtful words from other people and from their relatives as well. Rowena wants to end the relationship but her love for Alex is great so their bond continues. But everything changes when Rowena bore their second and third child, Wendy and Cindy, who have skin disease called Ichthyosis. Once again, Rowena is affected by what the society dictates – that Wendy and Cindy are results of God’s punishment. Rowena believes that she is being punished that is why their whole family is living miserably. Even if the doctors confirmed that Ichthyosis is a genetic disease, Rowena still believes that it is her punishment for living an immoral life. But their life eventually changes when Alex makes Rowena realized that they can still live a happy life amidst their children’s disease.


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