Incest Daughter

Sep 29, 2018

For 7 years, Len (7) is used to a routinary life where she wakes up at a same time, do chores ordered by nanay – a nun which Len usually sees carrying a newborn child, and play with other 20 children whose ages range from 1 to 18. She is a happy, skinny, and playful child living in a Children’s Village – an orphanage in Iloilo. All her childhood, Len never had a concept of parents but she doesn’t mind because she doesn’t know how it feels like to have a real parents having grown up in an orphanage. Until the nun bring her outside the orphanage to look for her family. Clueless and excited to go on a trip, Len holds the hand of the nun not knowing where they’ll go. Len is brought to Antique where she’ll be dropped off to her aunt Gen (30s). There, she lived happy and clueless – going with the flow as she only wants to play, eat, and be a kid. After less than 6 months, Len is handed to her another aunt who’s a teacher and is more capable of taking care of her as Gen is living with her in-law who is against Len’s stay with them. Len (8) is handed down from one home to another as she can’t find a permanent home where she’ll be accepted – either she is unwanted or a source of jealousy. 



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