Love Letters (Mt. Diwalwal)

Jul 28, 2006

Sophia’s journey begins when she and live-in partner Abner decided to get married. Despite financial worries, the two start to build their family with Abner taking on a job as a miner in Mt. Diwalwal.. A year passes and Sophia begins to worry about her husband. Regardless of everyone’s harsh words about Abner, she holds on to her beloved’s promise. Until news reports of a landslide in the mountains reach her. She rushes to find Abner at the site but rescuers tell her that her husband is one of the trapped miners in the cave which unfortunately could not be saved. She refuses to accept what they tell her and spends every peso she has to find him. Until her mother makes her realize that she should continue her life because of her child. She aquires a job at a coffee plantation and here she meets Julio. They develop a special friendship and he starts to fall in love with her. But Sophia still hangs on to Abner’s promise of love-everlasting. one day Sophia realizes that she has waited enough and it was time for her to move on. She accepts Julio’s marriage proposition and makes Abner just a part of her past. But as she tries to begin a new life, news regarding Abner reaches her. Unknown to her, Abner was paralyzed waist down because of the landslide at Mt. Diwalwal. Not wanting to be a burden to his family, Abner decided to stay away from them. For him, it was a sacrifice until the day comes when he is fully healed and starts walking again. When Sophia finds out the truth, she is torn between her new life with Julio and reliving the past with Abner. 


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