Marital Confessions

Sep 8, 2018

Alma (12) who is born and raised in a poor family in Malvar, Batangas, dreams to become an OFW to be able to provide for her family’s needs. However, not being able to finish school, she becomes a seamstress like her mother Alexandra (34). One day, working as a seamstress in Manila, she also gets an offer to become an entertainer in Japan. Her mother and grandmother disapprove of this, and force her to stay in the province. Yielding to her regular life, Alma (18) returns to just being a seamstress and meets her good friend Teresa. When she gets invited to Teresa’s house in Balete, Batangas, she meets Manuel (20) who made her heart pound. For a moment, Alma (20) forgets about her dream to go abroad, for her heart is fixated on making Manuel notice her. When she captures his heart, they fall in love, get to live together and have their own family. However, as time goes by, Alma (23) still wishes to go abroad for her own family is struggling on its own. From working as a seamstress, she resorts to being an OFW when her Tita Alvina (46) offers her the chance to work in Dubai. Even though Manuel disapproves of it, Alma (27) still heads to Dubai. However, it does not take her long to come back to the Philippines when she becomes accused of stealing money from her employers. Before long, Alma (28) and Manuel (28) are back on track with having a simple life. However, their family gets bigger, with four children to provide for. When a recruiter approaches her one day, she is enticed to work abroad again, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Manuel (35) pleads her to stay in the Philippines instead because he thinks the recruitment is illegal and that he cannot stand being away from Alma (35). Despite his pleads, she still heads to Saudi Arabia. However, she soon realizes the illegal ways her recruiter is making her go through, but she is left with no choice but to leave for Riyadh when she is threatened to be put behind bars. During her stay in Riyadh, she only gets two hours of sleep, works non-stop, and gets shouted at by her employer’s son. However, none of that compares to when she is sexually abused by her employer’s brother-in-law. Alma (35) escapes from her employers and reports to the Philippine Embassy about the rape incident. Under their care, she realizes she is pregnant with her rapist’s child. She tries getting the baby aborted, but fails to do so. Wishing to go back to the Philippines alive and for her family even if she has to keep the baby, she is able to go back home. Finally, with her family, she conceals and lies about her pregnancy. Despite trying to hide it, Manuel demands her to answer his question about her pregnancy, and because of guilt, she finally spills the beans. With plans of aborting or putting the child for adoption, Rachelle is surprised when a drunk Manuel tells her to keep the baby, for he will help her take care of it. With her husband, Alma (37) secretly gives birth to their baby, James, who she doesn’t look at nor touch for he reminds her of the tragedy she faced in Riyadh. She cannot understand how Manuel (37) could love James despite knowing its father. But when one day that James hyperventilates, she realizes that her husband is right; James should not be blamed and punished. Alma sees it in Manuel’s actions, that no matter the problem, he will just face it head on and accept reality. After that incident, Alma finally had the courage to take care of James. Currently, Alma (40) and Manuel (40) are a happy couple. Alma realizes how selfish she was and how important it is to listen to her husband, because she cannot always make her decisions alone. Both of them have to make the decisions for their family. 




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