MMK Abi's Redemption

Jan 20, 2018

Abegail (10) grows-up in a religious family. Her father is a pastor, while her mother is also a full-time church worker. Despite their hard situation, as pastors live on other people's charity, Abegail idolizes her father. However, when she turns 12, her father dies due to aneurysm. Abegail (12) comes to blame the Church for his death, because of the stress being a pastor burdens her father. She comes to resent her mother and brother, for choosing to religious in faith. Abegail begins to rebel, fueled by her anger. Her behavior becomes increasingly worse. She becomes angrier still when her mother leaves for a job in Thailand. By college, she engages in more dangerous vices. She becomes addicted to drugs and sex. She becomes a victim of gang rape, and this further drives her deeper into her vices. She becomes a prostitute, to pay for her own expenses. When she graduates, she continues her unholy lifestyle. As a full-fledged teacher, she begins relationships with her students. This puts her career in jeopardy, as a case is filed against her. However, she ends up simply quitting the school. She rejoices by going back to her old ways. It is only when she has a life and death experience does she come to realize that she does not like the woman she has become. She changes for the better after her rehabilitation. She goes to her mother and brother, finally letting go of her irrational anger, and asks for their forgiveness.


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