MMK Ahwel Paz Story

Feb 10, 2018

Born Ruel Paz at the corner of streets in Sampaloc, Manila, Ahwel is the youngest in a brood of five. His mother, Leonida is a familiar sight hawking a bayong-ful of delicacies around Escolta and Quiapo, while his father a tough tindero at Quinta market. At 10 years old, Ahwel starts helping his mother manage a carinderia along the streets, seeing their parents persevere to send them all five to school. To value this, Ahwel excels in declamation, oratorical and storytelling contests, getting inspiration from his family that endures going to bed with empty stomachs. There has not been a morsel of food in their house until he reaches college in Miriam College on a state scholarship program. So much so that he almost misses his first day in the university. Their fate is all the more tested when a fire breaks out in their neighborhood, with his mother, by good fortune, saving all his medals and trophies. But  vows with vengeance, believing that he will never be hungry again and soon rise up. With his inborn charisma, Ahwel make friends with their school’s janitors and utility staff who also bring their snacks and they would eat together. But despite being grounded, Ahwel continues to persevere until his diligence leads him to speak in an event in Norway. After Ahwel delivered his speech, the Ministry of Denmark gets impressed that it offered Ahwel scholarship. This starts Ahwel’s destiny to where he is now as a dzMM announcer, a businessman, and a leader of an organization for the the street children, “I Love My Family.” At present, he also owns not just a carinderia but a restaurant that feeds the stomach and soul of his biggest blessing, his family.


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