MMK Childhood Sweethearts

Jan 27, 2018

At a very young age, Daisy Rosendo Angulo (5) already found her first love at a wedding ceremony of her mother’s friend as she sees a handsome ring bearer, Darling Angulo (7) walking on the aisle. From that moment, Daisy never stops showing interest in Darling – she would always call Darling and shouts “Darling, asawa ko!” everytime she sees him playing with his friends. Meanwhile, Darling gets really annoyed by it because he doesn’t want to be humiliated in public so he would just ignore Daisy while rolling his eyes at her. As time goes by, Daisy (15) never stops showing her intention towards Darling (17) even though he doesn’t show interest at all. Till one day, a tragedy happens to Daisy’s family – her father gets stranded in Malaysia so she has to help her mother financially. She then forgets about Darling and focuses on her family while Darling is enjoying his college life, and playing around with girls. When the two see each other again in their hometown (Darling’s vacation), everything changes as Darling sees Daisy cooking food for her siblings while preparing the Tupperware she’s going to sell. He sees Daisy as a wife material, things that he doesn’t see to other girls. Darling (21) then starts building friendship with Daisy (19) though he notices that Daisy is not the same as before – she shows no interest in him and she becomes really serious in life. Darling pursues Daisy and even promises that she will never hurt Daisy because she’s different from the others. Daisy finally says yes to Darling and becomes in relationship only for two months as she finds out that Darling has another two girlfriends in Manila. Daisy breaks up with him and moves on with her life, focusing on her school till she gets her first job as a teacher. As time goes by, Darling (22) realizes how hard it is to lose Daisy (20) because she is not like other girls because Daisy is responsible, strong, and independent woman. He fixes himself by focusing on his studies till he graduates and gets a job. When the two see each other again, Darling (23) courts Daisy (21) one more time and this time, he promises himself that he will not fail again. Daisy on the other hand, challenges Darling’s sincerity by making him work for her acceptance until she realizes that Darling has changed. Daisy forgives Darling and gives him a second chance. After years of being together, Daisy (26) and Darling (28) finally decide to get married and fulfill their dreams together.


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Sumilip sa likod ng kamera at alamin kung paano nabubuo ang mga madamdaming tagpong iyong natutunghayan sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.


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