MMK Finish Line

Feb 24, 2018

Growing up in a mountainous town in Cebu, Mary Joy Tabal (10) loves to run up and down the hills whenever her policeman father, Rolando (38) asks her to buy small amount of food additives from the sari-sari store. Rolando always jokingly challenges her to do his request in 10 seconds. As Rolando starts counting, Mary Joy happily runs as fast as she could to comply. Because of this, Mary Joy (12) grows up to be closer to her father, especially when her mother Anabell (29) leaves Rolando because he couldn't marry her. Devastated, Rolando (41) starts to get drunk every night but Mary Joy - being the closest child to Rolando - never gives up on her father. She becomes Rolando’s shoulder to lean on as she, at the same time, watches over her three siblings. While consoling her father, Mary Joy couldn't help but to feel anger for her mother who left them. It is only until two of Mary Joy’s siblings suffer from high fever when Rolando starts realizing his short comings as a father. Then, he gradually becomes the responsible father that he used to be. He works as a full-time police man and a part-time police escort while being a single parent to his four children. In return, Mary Joy strives harder in school, earning medals from academic contests and her found passion for running. Eager to repay her father’s sacrifice, Mary Joy wins in all the competitions she joins in, knowing that her father will be at the finish line waiting for her. However, young Mary Joy’s passion is put on hold when she temporarily stops from running to focus on her academics in high school. 


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