Apr 7, 2018

 In a beauty gay pageant in which Jeffrey Capecenia (20) is one of the candidates, lesbian tricycle driver Ashley Caberto (18) watches him from afar. Stunned and amazed by him, Ashley starts wooing Jeffrey non-stop –  night and day, she texts and even calls him up. Jeffrey, on the other side, feels icky about it as he is only interested in straight guys. But as time goes by, Jeffrey realizes that even though Ashley is a lesbian, with her he feels loved and needed – something that he never felt with his long term ex-boyfriend. Because of this, after few months of courting, Jeffrey then says “yes” to Ashley even when Jeffrey’s mom is against their relationship. Though unconventional, the two share happy moments and even learn things from each other; Ashley teaches Jeffrey not to care about what people think of them while Jeffrey teaches Ashley the importance of family. Both learn how to adjust despite their situation. But after few years of their relationship, Ashley (20) gets tired of their routine, as they clash most of the time and she sees no remorse in Jeffrey. On top of it, Ashley gets criticism from Jeffrey’s (22) conventional mom, pushing her to take a break from all the pain Jeffrey causes her. As the relationship turns sour, Ashley turns to drinking and flirting with other people. But soon enough, Jeffrey realizes the importance of Ashley, so he starts courting her and eventually, Ashley forgives him and they start anew. Until one day, Ashley (23) gets pregnant so Jeffrey (25) decides to marry her. When the two become husband and wife, the tables completely turn as Jeffrey then stands as a father and husband to Ashley while the latter becomes only a mother to her child. Conflict arises when Ashley shuns her responsibility as a wife to Jeffrey, even wanting to change their image for their child – Ashley being a woman and Jeffrey being a real man. But, Jeffrey keeps on encouraging Ashley that they don’t need to change for them to have a happy family. They just have to be good parents. But this does not move Ashley, until she sees how Jeffrey works hard for his family. Little by little, Ashley accepts their situation and helps her husband by being a good mother to their child and wife to Jeffrey. She then learns how to cook, take care of their baby, and most importantly, accept themselves for who they are. And that what matters is both of them strive hard to be a good couple and good parents for their child.


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Sumilip sa likod ng kamera at alamin kung paano nabubuo ang mga madamdaming tagpong iyong natutunghayan sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.


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