Feb 15, 2018

Karla (12) grows up in a broken family. Her mother Maya (40s) often catches Alex (40s), her husband in an affair many times but keeps quiet about it to spare her children of the pain. Eventually, Karla and her siblings Mark (18) and Kara (16) find out about their father’s infidelity and sees the heartbreak it causes their mother, while realizing that their mother has been keeping this secret from them in order to keep their family together. This stirs hatred in Karla, most especially when she sees his father’s infidelity first hand and her mother continues to be a martyr. Due to this, Karla vows to never be in a relationship like her parents’ and promises to be the best wife and mother she could ever be in the future. In high school, Karla meets Gio (12). Gio courts Karla on and off for two years. Meanwhile, after losing a permanent job, Alex realizes his love for his family and tries his best to reunite his family and later on, receives forgiveness from Maya and their children. On the other hand, two years later, Gio and Karla get together and get dubbed as the school’s power couple. After 7 years of togetherness, many of their classmates, friends and even families believed that their relationship will stand the test of time, after seeing all their adventures and hearing them build their dreams together. This is until Karla finds out about Gio’s infidelity and catches him in a fling with an officemate. Having a painful history of infidelity in their family, Karla decides to break-up with Gio. This causes the two to become an emotional-wreck individually. In spite of this, Karla decides to be firm on her decision and move-on. This is until Gio asks for forgiveness and another chance to straighten things up. He promises to better himself in every aspect of his life and prove to Karla that he will do everything to be worth her forgiveness. Karla then decides to talk to her mother Maya (50s) and asks how she was able to forgive Alex after his numerous infidelities. Maya tells Karla that all it took was realizing that her love for Alex is greater than his failures. This makes Karla realize that he has the same kind of love for Gio. Today, despite the pain infidelity has caused the two, Karla forgives Gio and the two begin dating again, this time, with a clearer view, perspective and love for each other and of their future together.



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