MMK One-Armed Surfer

Apr 21, 2018

Harry (9) grows up in a comfortable family in San Luis, Aurora.  His father Nestor (37) works as a swimming pool maintenance personnel in Saudi Arabia, while his mother stays at their home to guide and look after him. Being an only child, Harry normally gets what he wants - the love, attention, and material things from his parents. Until one night, Harry wakes up to his mother - bidding farewell and telling him that she will go to Saudi to take care of Nestor who she said was sickly then. At a young age, Harry did not seem to understand what was happening especially after a month when Nestor comes home without Sylvia. Harry remains puzzled but his attention is focused on his father who has Lymphoma from which he diesd from after a year. Alone and grieving, Harry builds up his anger towards Sylvia, who promised to take care of Nestor but is absent. But because of Lola Soleng (61) and Lolo Pedro's (70) guidance, Harry grows up to be a good son. As he bottles up his longing for Sylvia, Harry studies hard to finish college and eventually gets interested in surfing, finding peace and sanctuary while riding and dancing with the raging waves of Baler, Aurora. Until one day, after 15 years, Harry finds out what Sylvia went through abroad. Soon, Harry finds forgiveness in his heart and is even more delighted to know that he has two sisters from Sylvia. But a bigger wave in his life completely wipes out Harry’s resilience when he comes across a sudden car accident, leaving him with two choices: to die or to live but with one arm. Driven by his dream of taking care of his aging Lola Soleng, being with his mother again, and helping out his sisters in the future, Harry realizes that not having two arms, he's complete with his family in his heart. Harry sacrifices his left arm to stay alive, though conscious of the fact that surfing will never be the same. As Harry walks on the shore, he feels that the ocean is calling and telling him that his disability is not a hindrance. Harry relearns how to surf. As the ocean bruises him, repeatedly drowns him, Harry never gives up his passion. He experiences once more the calmness and peace that surfing has always given him. After so many attempts, Harry is able to stand up on the surfing board again, able to balance his body, spreading his one-arm, feeling free, and whole. Because of Harry's perseverance, he becomes an inspiration to the surfing community. Harry might not win competitions but he wins the heart of the people by continuing to live life normally - proving them that even with just an arm, with enough passion and love, you can not only achieve everything, but also help in balance among the family and the community.



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