Pedicab (Pedicab Mom)

Mar 28, 2009

Though they were living in less, couple Tobias and Nellie were happy. Tobias worked as a pedicab driver to support his family, while Nellie was a full-time housewife and mother to their four kids. Nellie relied on her husband Tobias in everything—Tobias would cook for them, do the laundry and treated Nellie as the queen of his life, until that fateful day came. While driving his pedicab, Tobias met an accident, damaging his spinal cord making him paralyze. With this, Nellie, with the approval of her husband, decided to send their youngest baby for adoption, and take the place of her husband as the breadwinner for their family. Nellie tried every available job, such as doing the laundry of others, clean classrooms, and help plow the fields. She even replaced Tobias as a pedicab driver. In her first days of being a driver, Nellie underwent hardships unimaginable for a woman, like her, to bear. The tables have turned—Nelly, the dependent wife is now a strong and empowered woman, who stood up and became the main source of income in their family.


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