Sarah's Exorcism

Nov 24, 2018

Sarah (8) is an only child of her parents whose company she enjoys. She grows up travelling to and from Manila with them who are both contractors for air-conditioning system. But as she matures, she notices that her parents spend less and less time with her than before. On the other hand, Sarah sees that her parents compensate their shortcomings through providing her with a lavish life. At around the same age, Sarah starts to have dreams in her sleep. At first, most of her dreams are pleasant, some of which make her see fairies and elemental beings which she delights in. Unfortunately, at around the age of 12, her dreams have started to become visions. Around her teen years, she dreams about her father seeing another woman, which she later confirms when her parents separated. Unknown to them, Sarah already knew that the reason for their split-up is her father’s infidelity and that she despises it. Due to her parents marital breach, Sarah grows hungry for their affection and attention, which she rarely experiences as the two have already separated. Meanwhile, as she grows older, her dreams have become more and more vivid, but she never tells anyone about this due to the fear of no one believing her, not even her parents. This is only until Sarah (20s) meets her husband, Ronald, or Michael (20s). Before getting married, Sarah is able to share to Michael her dreams and visions. At first Michael is skeptic, but as her dreams are confirmed, a month after she dreams of each, Michael started to believe her. When Sarah turns 35 years old, she starts to have abnormal bleeding for twelve hours every September for four consecutive years. On the first year that it happened, she had neglected it, but on the second and third year, she went to the hospital to have herself checked. On the fourth year, she was surprised that her annual bleeding pattern happened on May. Around the same time, Sarah experienced an excruciatingly painful burning sensation on her throat. She immediately went to the hospital and had herself checked; this is where she learned that there are allergens in her bladder that have caused the bleeding. Unfortunately, the burning sensation on her throat are inexplicable. She is then examined further to assess what brought the allergens. Before the results comes out, Sarah is able to talk to her college best friend Mia, and tells the latter about the bleeding, four years after it first happened. Immediately, Mia tells her that there is a possibility that what she is going through may not be a medical condition, but a supernatural one. Sarah receives advice from Mia to go and have herself assessed by the latter’s brother-in-law, Fr. Jocis Syquia. At first, Sarah is skeptic as she has never believed in exorcism. As soon as Sarah tells Michael, the latter agrees and sets up a meeting with Fr. Jocis Syquia. Soon after, the truth is revealed to Sarah – Fr. Jocis, an exorcism expert, reveals to Sarah that she has been oppressed ever since she started having dreams and visions of the future. Sarah then receives prayer of liberation and exorcism from Fr. Jocis. After their first session, Sarah’s dreams and visions have become stronger, to the extent that she sees visions of hell and wailing residents of hell. With that, Sarah fears to come back to Fr. Syquia. This complicates their marriage as Michael is also wary of the lives of their three children. Later on, Sarah decides to continue her exorcism and healing sessions with Fr. Syquia, not just to release herself from her demons, but to also protect her family. Soon after, it is confirmed that she has received full liberation and renewal of her faith. Later on, it is also revealed to Sarah that the reason for her long-time oppression is the ill feelings she has harbored against her parents, for not giving her the affection she has been craving for from them ever since she can remember. According to Fr. Syquia, Sarah unintentionally gave her demons a foothold against her parents, that her demons were able to make it a gateway for her to be vulnerable. In the end, Sarah receives advice from Fr. Syquia to reconcile with her parents and ask for their forgiveness so as to release herself from the oppression and from the unforgiveness she has harbored against her parents. Sarah does so and has since been free and released from the oppression that she has been experiencing for more than twenty years of her life. Currently, Sarah (44) serves as case officer in the ministry with Fr. Jocis Syquia in the Office of Exorcism of the Archdiocese of Manila. 



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