Signs and Silence

Nov 10, 2018

Growing up, Jane (49) simply dreamt of being able to work in an office just as her mother did during her time. However, this left her under the care of her grandparents most of the time. Nevertheless, when it was time for Jane herself to become a mom soon after she was married to Engineer Rey Reynaldo (54), her dream stood still. She was determined to care for her own family while building her career then as a manager in a travel agency. However, in the midst of her pregnancy, she caught an infection which led her into discovering the risks her baby was possibly facing. Despite given a choice whether she was to continue or abort the pregnancy, Jane and Rey decided to keep their baby and hoped for a miracle. After nine months of bearing her child, the couple was happy to find their son Caldwell Jones or CJ (21) very normal looking. However, after a few months, Jane discovered that she had given birth to a son with disabilities—both in hearing and in speaking. Alongside this were CJ’s mood swings and violent behavior—results of his frustration which Jane tried addressing by getting all the help she could find. Until CJ found his talent and passion for visual arts with which he vented out his frustrations. However, when it was time for CJ to achieve his own dream, it was Jane’s time to give up hers. Jane had quit her job to enroll herself in college to study special education. And in a matter of years, CJ was able to enter his dream university as a fine arts student and Jane decided to let go of her career to follow her son where she knew he needed her. She, too, went to school as his son’s sign language interpreter. But as time passed, Jane found out CJ was suffering with depression due to the abrupt change in his environment. He struggled, given his condition, to find his place in this new unfamiliar world. This led Jane and CJ into a difficult relationship especially given that CJ returned to his violent behavior. This led Jane into questioning her fate and regretting the life she was given as a mother. She arrived at a decision not to push through with her son’s college education. But CJ, despite his depression, remained with courage and determination. It was because of CJ’s attitude towards his dream that Jane was shook back into her senses. Jane and CJ finished college together with an award for creating the best thesis—a children’s book that tells the story of CJ as a deaf-mute student both written and illustrated by CJ himself. 



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