Skateboard Champ

Oct 6, 2018

Margielyn Didal (4) grew up in her humble home in Lahug, Cebu City. At a young age, she had seen her hardworking mother Julie (28) and loving father Lito (28) work persistently during the day as they sold kwekkwek, fishball, and kikiam for their living. Aside from this, her parents would always remind her and her three older siblings that their diligence has always been for their education, a tool they greatly prioritize to secure their future. Thus, Margielyn often told her parents that they need not worry as she will be the one to take her family out of poverty. Because of this, even before Margielyn became a teenager, she became her parent’s gumptious little helper, looking for other ways to earn money. As soon as she finished helping Julie set-up their street food cart, she would sell newspapers on the street, help an antique shop wrap their items, and be a parking attendant near their cart. Whatever she earned, she would immediately hand to her mother and would help them enjoy not one but two viands for dinner. Seeing this had made Margielyn happy and reinforced her wish that she could be the one to provide these simple joys of her family. At 13 years old, Margielyn discovered skateboarding and was immediately hooked. Not only did she discover the thrill of the game, but she also learned from Danny (20s), the first skateboarder she met, that she has potential to be an excellent skater someday. Within a short span of time, Margielyn had become a skillful skater, learning how to push and ride a skateboard on her first day, and her first Ollieon the following week. In the next three months, Margielyn joined and won third place in her first ever skateboarding competition. But unrevealed to her parents, Margielyn had started missing her classes until it came to such point that she did not go to her classes at all, just so she could play and practice her tricks on skateboarding. As soon as her parents Julie and Lito had found out about this, they immediately apprehended her and advised her to stop skating and just focus on her studies. Unfortunately for them, Margielyn is unstoppable, especially when she learned that joining skateboarding competitions could aid her parents financially. Later on, Margielyn ventured into interregional competitions, pushing her to take skateboarding more seriously. However, more than a year later, just as she was gaining Julie’s approval of her skating for material assistance, Margielyn had suffered her first major injury. She failed to land a trick she had been practicing for a long time and dislocated her right shoulder and arm joints with a fracture on her right collar bone. Due to this, Margielyn developed a slight fear of going back to skateboarding, and was afraid to apologize to her father, who had reprimanded and kicked her out of the house for being disobedient. But even then, Margielyn had found sanctuary in skateboarding when her own mother started to hear news from their community that Margielyn had been inspiring a lot of teenagers. However, Lito was still aloof, in denial of what skateboarding has in store for her. But Margielyn was unstoppable. In 2016, Margielyn (17) first came to Manila and joined skateboarding competitions from all over Luzon and slowly carved her name in the skateboarding league. Whenever she won, she’d immediately send over her winnings to Julie for their daily expenses. Later on, Margie and her team learned that Skateboarding was recently added as one of the categories in the upcoming 2018 Asian Games to be held in Indonesia. A few months before the Asian Games, she also is exposed through joining the two most prestigious and by-invite-only competitions in the skateboarding realm. Being able to compete not just against Filipinos and Asians, Margielyn had gathered her confidence to her journey to being the 2018 Asian Games Women’s Street Skateboarding’s first ever Gold Medallist. As soon as Margielyn was able to go home, she offered her victory not just to her country, but most especially to her parents and her family that has laid foundation and balance for her resilience.



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