When Young Love Grows

Feb 4, 2017

Sandra (13) and Mart (12) have known each other since their adolescent years. They first meet in 2007 when Sandra spent her summer vacation in Tondo where Mart resides. They soon start their bond as childhood friends - enjoying playing patintero, badminton, and biking along with their other neighbors in the street. Eventually, they develop romantic feelings as they get closer with each other, leading them to becoming a couple. In 2009, Sandra does not spend her vacation in Tondo anymore because her grandmother moved to Bulacan. Thankfully, she and Mart manage to keep their relationship blooming with constant communication. However, their relationship as teenagers becomes shaky when Mart (15) is not able to do his responsibility as a boyfriend. He starts to lose focus and enjoy his teenage days, playing basketball and computer games, so Sandra (16) becomes unhappy with the little attention she gets. One day, Sandra confronts him about it and Mart, not wanting to engage emotionally, ignores her and gives her the cold shoulder. Realizing that Mart is not in love with her anymore, Sandra leaves him with a letter professing her love and her willingness to wait. It is only a few years after when Mart reads the note, coinciding with his desire to connect with Sandra because he had been missing her for a long time. He reaches out to her on social media, and it leads to another chapter in their lives as a couple. Mart (early 20s) and Sandra (early 20s) believe that they are destined for each other. They realized that just because it was not true when they were younger, it does not mean it would not be at another time in their lives. 



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