Bangka (Batang Langoy)

Jun 9, 2012

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Among the eight Abaño siblings, Richard (17) and Rizza (11) are the closest to each other. Richard keeps on motivating his younger siblings to study hard in order to fulfill their dreams. Because of that motivation, Rizza is determined to finish her studies even though she has to swim in an open sea just to reach school. While Rizza is facing the danger of swimming in the ocean,   Richard,   on   the   other   hand,   is   encountering   difficulties   too   while studying in the city. There are many times that he has to skip meals andcannot   pay   school   bills.   Aside   from   that,   Richard   feels   the   need   to   stop schooling in order to help his father in providing the basic needs of their family.   Richard   discontinues   going   to   school   for   the   said   reasons   and accompanies his father in fishing. As a result, Rizza starts to hate him. Rizza thinks that his brother just loses enthusiasm in going to school, until Richard tells him the reasons behind his decision to stop schooling. It is during that time that Rizza learns to appreciate the sacrifices of his brother in order tohelp their family. However, Rizza still believes that poverty is not a hindranceto success. Through her motivation, Richard is now planning to continue his studies.

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