Dancing Shoes (Dance Love)

Mar 7, 2010

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Herbert dance for fame, while Elena dance because she enjoy it. Despite their difference, the two became friends, supported and encouraged each other. When Elena graduated from high school, Herbert asked her to join him in studying at UP Diliman. New to Manila, they depended on one another—they were inseparable until Herbert realized he no longer see Elena as a little sister, but a beautiful woman. Then he found out that Elena felt the same way about him too, signifying the start of their relationship in the world of dance. They were happy until Elena doubted if they were really meant for each other when their Pas De Deux (dance duet) did not go well. On the other hand, Herbert was also confused as where his career was headed, as well as his love for Elena. They give their relationship space for them to think. Living apart, they both got attracted to other people and when they found out about this, they both got hurt. It was when Herbert realized how important Elena was to him. He asked for forgiveness and promised not to break her trust again. He did everything just to prove that he is still worthy of her trust. Realizing what their love meant for them, they both helped each other to gain back the trust they had lost and to inspire one another to discover their purpose in life—Herbert as a choreographer and Elena as a professional dancer.

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