Pedicab (Tacloban Inmate)

Nov 15, 2014

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Joseph is the second-born son in a family of 12 children. He builds a close relationship with his younger siblings and his parents, especially his mother whom he loves so much. To be able to give his family a better life, Joseph works hard to provide for his family. All is well, until Joseph gets imprisoned because of stealing from an employer who fails to give him his salary. Joseph becomes devastated knowing that he can no longer work for his family while he is in prison. With the help of his younger siblings and mother who often visit him, Joseph is able to adjust with his life inside the prison. He vows that once he is free, he will work again for his family. But all of Joseph's dreams for his family vanish when Super Typhoon Yolanda hits Tacloban. The prison building fails to withstand the wrath of Yolanda. As one of the prison gates collapses, Joseph takes the opportunity to escape to search for and rescue his family. But upon reaching home, Joseph faces his worst nightmare—his mother and three other siblings are killed by the typhoon. Despite the hurt of losing his loved ones, he chooses to continue to live his life for the family he has lost. He helps in rebuilding the houses of his relatives who were able to survive the typhoon. Afterwards, Joseph decides to do the right thing and surrenders himself back to the prison.

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