May 2, 2015

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Kilalanin natin ang katauhan sa likod ng MMK episode na ito.

(SAF-Police Senior Inspector Rennie Tayrus)

The eight child out of a brood of nine and the only son, Rennie Tayrus constantly sees the hardships his family, especially his sisters, go through so that they may have a decent education despite their economic struggles. Rennie and his siblings study and work at the same time in hopes of having a brighter future. Rennie uses the situation as his motivation to strive harder in his studies, even if his alcoholic father Cresencio fails to provide the encouragement and support he needs. With the urging of his good friend Garry, Rennie enters the demanding and stringent life inside the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), hoping to protect his family and provide a better life for them. His father, suffering from cancer and reformed from his former wayward ways, passes away months before he can proudly witness his son graduating and being initiated into the police force. Dedicating all his hard work to his family, Rennie takes the challenge further after he decides to become part of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF). He finally fulfills his dream of giving his family the life they never had in the past, assuming the role of a father and being the pillar of strength for his loved ones. He does this while performing his duties of safeguarding national security in the numerous missions in PNP-SAF. Following a blissful celebration of welcoming the year 2015, Rennie engages in his most dangerous mission yet, the assassination of international terrorist Marwan. The mission proves initially successful and they extinguish the target. However, the adversaries multiply and overwhelm the brave elite cops until Rennie becomes one of the casualties of the tragedy. His family, robbed of their beloved Rennie, bewails his untimely death, but chooses to cherish the tender moments and better days they had with him. Until the very end, Rennie lived, in every sense of the word, the motto of his batch in PNPA, “Sacrifice yourself so that others may live.”

Ikaw, ano ang kuwento ng buhay mo?
Ipadala mo na yan sa amin at baka istorya mo na ang susunod
na ipalabas sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.



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